Episode 001 – “Hello, World!”

Summary: Episode 001 – “Hello, World!”

The hosts introduce themselves in the very first episode of the TalkRainbow Podcast. A young lesbian couple is interviewed and discuss inclusion and acceptance. The struggles of coming out to family and friends are discussed amongst the hosts, and Jeffrey Tambor and Laverne Cox are featured as part of the soundbite segment. Click here to skip to the audio.

Hosts: Sam Saturday, Sarah-Kathryn Bryan, Adam Salverson, Dana Little

Guests: Courtney & Michelle

Host Introductions

  • Sarah-Kathryn introduces herself and discusses her active involvement in the LGBT community. Sarah-Kathryn has recently moved to Philadelphia, PA from North Carolina.
  • Adam is from Arkansas, “home of the cows,” and an LGBT activist. He works for the local government and is also a comedian.
  • Dana, executive producer, is from South Jersey and actively involved in the LGBT community. She currently attends college and is obsessed with video games.
  • Sam is a bi-sexual cartoonist and playwright. Sam resides on the West Coast in sunny Los Angeles.



  • Courtney and Michelle are a lesbian couple from the Greater Philadelphia Area.
  • Courtney is 22 while Michelle is 26 and both currently reside in southern NJ. They have been together for four years.
  • Courtney is an alarm programmer and Michelle is a medical assistant.
  • Courtney and Michelle discuss the advantages of sharing the same friend base; everyone is very accepting and supportive of their relationship.
    • Courtney’s original group of friends are primarily members of the LGBT community whereas the majority of Michelle’s original group of friends are straight.
    • Courtney and Michelle discuss how their friends and family attempt to understand their sexual orientation through joking.
    • Both families are very supportive of Courtney and Michelle’s decision to be together in a lesbian relationship.
  • Michelle felt as though a lot of people knew that she was a lesbian even before she came out at the age of 21. She was always comfortable around guys and very shy around girls.
  • Courtney knew she was a lesbian her freshman year in high school. She began dating a girl whom she became very close with in the end of her sophomore year in high school.
    • For a period of time Courtney spent some time in a very Christian home whom she lived with during her senior year of high school. She tried to make the living situation easy by dating men vs females.
  • Courtney and Michelle discussed how they were able to discuss their relationships with their families and how supportive they were and how they provided advice just as if they were in a heterosexual relationship.
  • Michelle discusses her co-worker’s outlook on her being a lesbian. Michelle is openly out at work, but does not get upset about other’s opinions.
  • Courtney discusses an issue she had with a previous employer, a large US Retailer, where she was reprimanded for giving her girlfriend a kiss in her uniform, even though she was off the clock.

Interview Discussion

  • Sarah-Kathryn comments a bit about the interview and how Courtney and Michelle’s expectation of others regarding their relationship is low compared to some others. Dana points out how Michelle’s co-workers are okay with the dating aspect of a homosexual relationship, but seem very uncomfortable with the marriage aspect.
  • Dana discusses her struggles while bringing up her sexuality with family. While she’s only dated men thus far, she is openly bisexual and knows her father would be comfortable with her dating a member of the same sex.
  • Sarah-Kathryn chooses not to share too much of her personal life with family. She’s primarily been in relationships with females, but she mentions that there is still progress left to be made in terms of being more open about her relationships.
  • For Sam, coming out to his family was easier than he expected. He spoke with a therapist for months before actually coming out. Sam mentions that it’s never discussed with his family, but from his perspective they are very accepting of his sexuality.
  • Adam’s family was very homophobic prior to him coming out, but once he came out his parents left all of those feelings behind and were very, very accepting of his sexuality.

General Discussions

  • Dana brings up science’s attempts to understand homosexuality by evaluating a “gay gene.” But the gay gene completely displaces those who fall elsewhere on the spectrum as Sam discusses. Read more about the Gay Gene studies here.
  • Sam mentions that the point of our podcast is to educate. There is a wide variety of people out there beyond black and white and straight or gay.
  • Sam talks about his attendance to the Bi Arts Festival.
    • Sam discusses his “gender neutral duck” cartoon character.
  • Dana discusses the Philly Trans* March coming up on 10/10/15 and the 25th Philly Pride OutFest on 10/11/15. Dana, Sarah-Kathryn, and EJ will be at the event conducting live interviews and collecting pictures and videos. Live-blogging will start at noon on 10/11/15.


  • Jeffrey Tambor dedicates his Emmy award to the transgender community.
    • The hosts discuss how it’s a great gesture, but how helpful is it in raising awareness of the community and the struggles involved.
    • There is a lack of visibility for actual trans individuals in the media.
  • Laverne Cox gives a speech on gender equality at the Global Citizen event.
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Dana is Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The TalkRainbow Podcast. Dana's purpose for creating the Podcast is to educate, entertain, and teach acceptance in the LGBT community. Dana is constantly trying to learn more about the different members of the community. Dana is obsessed with cats, tattoos, and anime. In her spare time she's saving princess Zelda, training to become a Pokemon master, working out, or drawing.