Episode 002 – “Out & Out”

Summary: Episode 002 – “Out & Out”

The hosts discuss what’s on their minds as well as the exciting time that Dana, Sarah-Kathryn, and E.J. had at this year’s OutFest in Philly. Rights versus Freedom is discussed alongside Matt Damon making an ass of himself. The group also discuss the Free the Nipple Campaign. Click here to skip to the audio.

Hosts: Sam Saturday, Sarah-Kathryn Bryan, Dana Little

Guests: E.J. Burgan – General Manager of the TalkRainbow Podcast and President & Co-Founder of On-Ride Entertainment, LLC., the production company running the podcast. E.J. is from South Jersey and enjoys making films. E.J. is also a huge LGBTQ advocate.

Round Table Discussion

  • Sarah-Kathryn discusses her experience with “tarot readings.” She is learning how to do tarot readings.
  • Dana discusses her cosplay adventure at the New York Comic Con over the weekend. Dana was dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
  • E.J. is procrastinating packing for his exciting trip to Nashville to see his best friend.
  • Sam went to the Abby in West Hollywood on Friday and Saturday attended a BDSM club and saw a burlesque show. On Sunday, Sam did karaoke and performed Shimmy, Shimmy Ya, Bat Outta Hell, and a few others.

OutFest Discussion

  • Dana, Sarah-Kathryn, and E.J. attended the OutFest event in Philadelphia, PA over the weekend. If you’d like to see the updates from the day, the live blog recap is available here.
  • There were many supportive people and also many unsupportive people as well.
    • There was one “Street Preacher” in particular that Dana spoke with and attempted to reason with, however she was eventually forced to move by a Police Officer, video available here.
  • EJ discussed the “Freedom of Speech” aspect for both ends.
  • Sarah-Kathryn believes that people have freedom, but they don’t always always have the same rights.
  • E.J. brings up the European Refugee Initiative that Canada has. Dana goes into more details about the initiative. Canada is requiring LGBT refugees to “prove” their sexuality. You can learn more about the initiative here.
  • Sam brings up another “Street Preacher,” whom has a sign reading “God will Judge You.” The group chat about freedom vs rights vs right vs wrong and how can the law impact how we feel, act and think.


  • Sarah-Kathryn discusses her recent blog post around Matt Damon, you can check that out here.
  • Matt Damon was on the Ellen Show (Ellen Degeneres being one of the first openly gay people on primetime television).
  • Damon spent time discussing things he doesn’t understand about the LGBTQ community.
  • He stated that actors should keep an aura of mystery around their sexuality.
  • While attempting to explain himself and, apparently, offer somewhat of an apology, he manages to just make an even bigger ass out of himself.

Free The Nipple Campaign

A photo posted by Courtney Demone (@courtdemone) on

  • Dana discusses Courtney Demone and the Free the Nipple Campaign.
  • Courtney Demone is a Male-to-Female (MTF) transgender individual. She has been posting pictures everyday during her transition. She has recently created an uproar with her Free the Nipple Campaign, #DoIHaveBoobsNow.
  • The group discuss how our society sexualizes a lot of things compared to other nations.
    • Europe is more open to sex/sexuality however less prone to support violence.
    • Versus the US where we are less open to sex and more supportive of violence in media.
  • Violence is portrayed more of a “masculine” thing…it creates the idea of “protection” and “security.”
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Dana is Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The TalkRainbow Podcast. Dana's purpose for creating the Podcast is to educate, entertain, and teach acceptance in the LGBT community. Dana is constantly trying to learn more about the different members of the community. Dana is obsessed with cats, tattoos, and anime. In her spare time she's saving princess Zelda, training to become a Pokemon master, working out, or drawing.