Episode 003 – “Violence Awareness”

Summary: Episode 003 – “Violence Awareness”

The hosts discuss what’s going on in their lives before getting into some deep discussion around violence. Topics include Domestic Violence and Violence against trans individuals as well as other members of the LGBT community. Click here to skip to the audio.

Hosts: Sonya Saturday, Sarah-Kathryn Bryan, Dana Little

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Round Table Discussion

  • Dana partook in some Halloween-related activities with her family. Dana is excited to go out on Halloween night with some friends at Xfinity Live.
  • Sam is now Sonya! Sonya has been transitioning for quite some time now. Sonya was very successful in disclosing this to her family whom are very supportive.
  • SK family visited and she had the opportunity to show them around Philly. Her and her family had a good time, though it was bittersweet.

Law & Order: SVU Discussion

  • WARNING: Spoiler Alerts
  • Dana, Sonya, and Sarah-Kathryn start their discussion around the Law & Order: SVU episode entitled “Transgender Bridge.”
    • Episode Synopsis: A transgender teen dies after he is pushed off a bridge by another teen. The DA’s office wants to try the aggressor as an adult and charge him with a hate crime, even though he appears to be genuinely remorseful.(IMDb)

      SVU: Transgender Bridge

      Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

  • Sonya dislikes this episode based on the way the writer’s decision to allow Avery to pass away.
  • Sarah-Kathryn feels as though the episode almost tries to make it seem as though it’s okay.
  • Dana believes the content of the episode to be unrealistic in terms of the sentencing of Darius. Dana believes in real life that this type of sentencing would not have happened this way.
  • Sonya believes that the writers should have done a better job educating the audience around gender identity and sexual orientation. The discussion is not in depth enough surrounding transgender people. It doesn’t provide enough detail as to the “why” behind transgender people.
  • SK believes shows like this try to make “cheap thrills” out of people suffering rather than educating them.
  • Sonya, since transitioning, has received both positive and negative comments from others. One comment in particular was “You’re a very pretty guy.” Sonya had to explain her identity vs anatomical makeup to where this individual even asked about genital surgery.

Transphobia Ad Discussion

via Slate.com

  • The team discuss a Transphobic Ad created by Campaign for Houston.
  • The Anti-HERO ad seeks to create the persona that Trans individuals, specifically Male-to-Female, are just rapists looking for an excuse to go into a woman’s bathroom.
  • There are no documented cases of a trans individual raping a cis individual in the “bathroom” as this ad speaks to. Most crime happens in the reverse.
  • The attack ad is focused on the fear of being sexually assaulted in a bathroom.

Rape and Domestic Violence Discussion

  • Sarah-Kathryn brings up a very interesting article around the misconceptions of rape.
  • Article Author Angela Davis discusses how rape victims are re-victimized by the police.
  • White men feel as though they have an unlimited right to women’s bodies, specifically black women’s bodies and how rape is a tool of terrorism. The article discusses a lot of history, but even topics and incidents that still hold true today.
  • The article discusses the idea of “male supremacy.”
  • The full article is available here.
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