Episode 005 – “No Hate”

Summary: Episode 005 – “No Hate”

During this episode the hosts discuss this week’s current events, some personal reflection on Sonya’s date gone bad, and even the new Star Wars movie (no spoilers!). Other topics include a new LGBT drama short, a women’s-only festival that bans transgender women and inclusion. Click here to skip to the audio.

Hosts: Sonya Saturday, Dana Little

Guests: EJ Burgan

Petition to Remove “T” from LGBT

A campaign has been created by a group of gay and bisexual men to remove the “T” from LGBT in an effort to protect women. Read more here.

Discussion Around Inclusion

The group discuss inclusion both in and out of the LGBT community and the tolerance that “phobes” have against members of the community, specifically on Social Media.

Sonya’s Not-So-Great Date

Sonya discusses a date gone bad. You’ll just have to listen for the details!

Women’s-Only Festival Bans Transgender Women

A women’s-only festival in Australia is banning transgender women from the festival and even banned further discussion of the topic! Read more here.

Home(less) – an LGBT Drama Short

Home(less) is the story of Ben, a gay seventeen year old, on the verge of aging-out of foster care. He has been in nine foster homes and three group homes over the past 11 years. Becoming accustomed to conditional love, Ben has lost hope in finding a forever family. He struggles with establishing a relationship with his boyfriend and finding his older sister who has been lost to same fate. via On-Ride Entertainment

Round-Table Discussion

Star Wars (we promise there’s no spoilers) and EJ discusses Home(less). Sonya also discusses her new adult coloring book, “The 2016 Republican Candidates Activity & Coloring Book.”

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