A Message from the GM

Hello Listeners!

First and foremost I’d like to thank you for being a listener. Its because people like you are listening that I’m even writing this message. It’s been quite some time since our team has recorded a new episode. There have been many situations, both personal and business-related, that have caused a delay in recording. However, TalkRainbow is not down for the count and will return in Spring 2016!

I didn’t want anyone to think that we had given up after 5 episodes. When we created TalkRainbow we had a plan and a mission. Unfortunately plans change, however, our mission has not. We will continue to create new episodes as we resolve some issues, both internally and externally.

As we continue to rebuild, we are still looking for additional Hosts and Blog Writers. If you think you’d be interesting in joining our new team, please take a minute to apply on our parent site, On-Ride Entertainment (onrideent.com).

From myself, and all of us here at The TalkRainbow Podcast, thank you for listening!

With Love,

EJ, Dana & Sonya



E.J. is a media producer and self-proclaimed nerd. He enjoys bacon and long walks on the beach. On a serious note, E.J. enjoys all forms of media including film, television, radio, and podcasting. E.J. entered the media world when he produced his first film, The Possession Within. E.J. continues to work on many different entertainment projects.