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Episode 005 – “No Hate”

During this episode the hosts discuss this week’s current events, some personal reflection on Sonya’s date gone bad, and even the new Star Wars movie (no spoilers!). Other topics include a new LGBT drama short, a women’s-only festival that bans transgender women and inclusion.


Episode 004 – “Can’t Hold Us Down”

The hosts discuss this week’s current events and how society continues to alienate the LGBTQ community. Topics include The Church of Latter Day Saints’ stance on Same-Sex Couples, Bisexuality, a transgender beer, and LGBT persons in prison.


Episode 001 – “Hello, World!”

The hosts introduce themselves for the first time. A young lesbian couple is interviewed. The struggles of coming out, inclusion, and acceptance are discussed. Jeffrey Tambor and Laverne Cox are featured as part of the soundbite segment.